We love collaborating with our clients to create bespoke pieces.  We pride ourselves on producing unique, handmade personalised jewellery for our clients within their timeframe and budget. We have made wedding rings, birthday necklaces, anniversary bracelets, just-because earrings and many other special pieces. Get inspired, tell us your story and we will help you create your own custom design.  

Read Allison's interview about her bespoke engagement rings here.

Please email to get started, or book an appointment to visit us in our London studio.  

"Allison Bryan made my wedding ring, and I am so, so pleased that she did. Finding a ring that you want to wear for the rest of your life is daunting enough, let alone having a one of a kind bespoke one made. But it was such an easy and smooth process. I still find myself looking at it and smiling on a daily basis - officially because of what it represents, but secretly because it is just so pretty!" - Natascha Chambers 

"I knew I wanted to create something bespoke, unique, and beautiful for a special gift.  Through a series of conversations, Allison and I formulated a strategy, a budget, and timeline.  Allison guided me through the process and was able to create a spectacular necklace on time and surprisingly, a touch under budget! The experience exceeded all my expectations - thanks again!" - David Polonsky